Prostate Massager Treatment Apparatus Infrared Heat Therapy Physiotherapy Urinary Frequency Hyperplasia Inflammation Health Care


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Please carefully read this user manualbefore using the apparatus.

Personal Care Appliances Functions:

Prostate treatment equipment, home massager, male physiotherapy instrument, frequent urination, chronic inflammation 1.Far infrared hyperthermia 2.Magnetic therapy 3.Vibration massage

1. General Introduction to Prostate Treatment Device

Prostate Treatment Device is a modem prostate gland therapy instrument capable of tar infrared (FIR) them1cAhery, maçjiet thery and vtromassage. Through these therapies, physical energy is released directly to action spot in human body and causes senes of biophysical and biochenical changes, which in turn lead to an array of pathological and physiological changes. For instance, such energy can treat prostate diseases through restralnrng and elriinating etiologies, strengthening the no-speaflc inmLzllly and improving the potential of physical functions of human body. This device contains an anatomically shaped treatment probe, which is applied directly on the lesion locabon. To reach spasmolysis and analgesia, transform stasis and disperse swelling, promote blood circulation, unimpeded and no pain, eliminate mfiammation

1.1 Features and Mechanisms

This device adopts state-of-the-at digital integrated circuits as its signal control component. which owns high degree of satety, high stability and high reliability. It has a si’nple structixe and enables friendly and flextie operon, Also it igrates m14le functions. And the users may choose any a’x at ofit airnd treatment Compared with conventional treatment ttrough the urettra or invitro treatment, this device enables treatment through the rectum to the diseased gland, which alleviates the pain and debvers better results.

• FIR Thermal Therapy

Infrared rays are also called thermal rays due to the fact that they generate heat after being absorbed by thje FIR components with CHI4O ridel-chromitzn cods are used to radiate FIR waves to human tissues The FIR waves accelerate the moleci,dar movement of cells and generate heat ii the local area where the temperature nses (ideally to 40t”-SOt). The heat then cause angiedasis in the tissues around that area. and the blood ‘ows rruch faster, accelerating the absorption and ebiWiation of the eftusions. The wi strengthen the metabok kaidion of cells and the ni.Aflbon process of tissues. Moreover, the regenerative abály is improved The cells become more vital Strengthened inTuity hek, to ease the imation. This trenent also reduces the excitabáty of the nerve terminals aid relaxes the musdes. which m turn ease the spasm and k the pan.

• Magnet Therapy

The probe contains a permanent magnet. which generates rotating magnetic field towards human tissues for treatment Clinical operation and studies show that magnetic fields provide energy to human bodies. They improve the blood aroistion in the lesion location and accelerate the transportation of antibodies, leukocyte niinent siki and oxygen to the iranied pert, as J as the absoipöon of plasma protele The treatment also speed ic the absorption and elimination of effusions and strengthen the metabolism. Further it .TiPS the mro circulation, reverse ischem.a, oxygen deficit, edema, accumulation of algogenic substances and decrease of activity of the hydrolase. The strengthened non-specific resistace he to eliminate the non-spec* pathogenic factors, which in turn ease spasm and kill the pain and eliminate the inflammation and swelling.

• Vibromassage Therapy

This device can massage the prostate gland with continual high-frequency mechanical vibration. which reduce the tension of the prostate gland, the patient feels no pain in the therapy process.

1.2 Purpose and Applicable Scope

This device is used tor adjuvant therapies of chronic pi-ostatitis, prostate hyperplasia and seminal vesicutitis.



  • Brand Name: JIUYUNJIAO
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Application: Body
  • Standard Voltage: 220V
  • Certification: CE
  • Plug Type: EU Plug
  • Model Number: Vibrating prostate massager
  • Medical prostate treatment: Prostate therapeutic apparatus
  • Prostate stimulator: Vibrator anal plug
  • Men Anal Plug: Butt Plug Magnetic therapy
  • Massage tool: Health care
  • Function: Far infrared hyperthermia/Magnetic therapy/vibration massage

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