Newest Medical Nebulizer Handheld Atomizer for Adult Children Health Care Usb Mini Portable Nebulizer Steaming Devices


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Product parameters:

Product Name:

N2 Micro netatomizer

Atomization rate:


Atomized particles:

3μm± 25%

Cup capacity:






Amount of residual liquid:




Mode of power supply:

2section1.5VBattery orDC5VPower supply

Protection class:


Electrical safety requirements:

Internal power supply equipment,BType application part

Operation mode:

long running

Normal working conditions:

Environmental scope:5℃~40℃;

Relative humidity range:15%~93%;

Atmospheric pressure range:86kpa~106kpa

Environmental restrictions for transportation and storage:

Ambient temperature range:-40℃~+55℃

Relative humidity range:10%~93%

Atmospheric pressure range:70kpa~106kpa

Product weight:

Net weight:111.4g

Gross weight:237.5g(without battery)


Product size:50*48*130mm

Package size:140*110*56mm

Product selling points:

Small design:

Hand held atomizer, small size, easy to carry

Power configuration:

2Power supply, available2 No. 5 alkaline batteries or DC power adapter,Easy to use

Grains fine:

Fine atomized particles, ultra-fine atomization, reaching to the deep lung

Quiet sound:

Low noise design, atomized quiet and comfortable, small sound, not harsh

Atomization mode:

A variety of atomization modes, including mask atomization (adult and child masks) and bite atomization, which can be selected according to different situations

Atomization rate:

The spray volume is constant, mild and does not choke the throat.

Less residue:

High sensitivity water detection, little drug residue, almost0Residual, no waste of drugs, not easy to plug holes

Cleaning mode:

With self-cleaning mode, add physiological saline and press the key for a long time to enter the cleaning mode, which can clean up the residual drugs on the atomized tablet

Low consumption mode:

Double-wave drive, atomization saves electricity, high battery utilization rate, low machine loss, long service life and long endurance and standby time of atomizer.

System stability:

The control system does not generate heat, is efficient and stable, and the driving rate is as high as96%Do not worry about the temperature rise and deterioration of drugs

Independent component:

The medicine cup is detachable and waterproof, convenient for cleaning and disinfection, and avoid cross infection

Automatic shutdown:

If there is no solution in the cup or the voltage is insufficient, it will automatically shut down

Warm reminder: Please use the medicine by atomization as per the doctor’s instructions.



  • Brand Name: SRHMX
  • Origin: China Mainland
  • Model Number: N2
  • Place of Origin: Shenzhen
  • Item number: N2-02
  • Power mode: Dry battery & DC power supply
  • Color: White
  • Model: N2-02
  • Time to market: 2019.10
  • Specifications: 50*48*130mm
  • Weight: Net weight: 111.4g Gross weight: 235.7g
  • Applicable parts: Face
  • Material: PC+PVC+PP
  • Product characteristics: Fine atomized particles, ultra-fine atomization

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