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Product Name: Bianstone Electric heating massager

Product Material: Natural Bianstone

Principle of temperature control: Five gears to adjust temperature

Input voltage: 100V–245V

Product concept: warm moxibustion and massage, moxibustion and hot compress, family physiotherapy, warm moxibustion and Tongluo

Output voltage: 12V

Color temperature control: red 100 degrees, green 80 degrees, blue 60 degrees, white 40 degrees, yellow 20 degrees


After the adapter is plugged in, the indicator light on the adapter will light up, and there is a temperature controller on the other end to adjust: press the red switch button, and the red light will light up to make the Bianstone moxibustion pot quickly heat up to a maximum temperature of about 100 degrees; press The second time the red light turns to green light, the temperature will be adjusted to about 80 degrees; the third time the green light turns to blue light, the temperature will be adjusted to about 60 degrees; the fourth time the blue light turns to white light, the temperature will be adjusted to about 40 degrees ; Press the fifth white light to turn yellow light, the temperature will be adjusted to about 20 degrees; press again to turn off the power

The function of the Bianstone Warming Moxibustion Apparatus:

1. To warm the meridians and dispel cold pathogens: unblocked blood of the human body have the characteristics of ”acting when heated, and condensing when exposed to cold”. Warm moxibustion therapy stimulates the acupoints of the meridians to make the blood flow and fight evil with fire.

2.Make blood flow unblocked, eliminating blood stasis: warm moxibustion therapy can produce deep thermal effect, dilate capillaries, promote blood circulation, relieve muscle pain and eliminate inflammation and edema.

3. Moisturize the body, regaining yang and solidifying: warm moxibustion therapy can nourish and strengthen the body, stimulate the function of the human immune system, make the human body full of Unblocked blood, and enhance the function of the human body’s digestion, circulation, and urinary system.

4. Prevent diseases, health care and strengthen the body: regular moxibustion of Zusanli, Guanyuan, Dazhui and other points can stimulate the body’s righteousness, improve disease resistance, and play a role in health care and strengthening.

5. Soothing physical therapy and reducing pain: warm moxibustion can relieve shoulders, Pain in the neck, waist, legs, nerves and muscles has a good effect on rheumatoid arthritis and fifty shoulders.


The operator must understand or can be used by professionals. Check carefully before operation, use it in a safe place with ventilation, adjust the temperature according to your own to avoid burns, do not pull the power cord, and unplug the adapter after use.

When the odor remains when used with the ointment, you can wipe the bianstone parts with disinfectant water (without electricity) and then wipe them with cotton cloth or cotton. Do not soak in water to avoid damage.


  • Brand Name: zoechic
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Application: Body
  • Standard Voltage: 220V
  • Plug Type: EU Plug
  • masajeador: bianshi massager
  • massageador corporal: Muscle massage fitness
  • Back/Neck massager: electric heating massager
  • masajeador de espalda: heating relief
  • fisioterapia: facial massage
  • stone needle electric massager: relief fatigue /massage relaxation/Meridian dredge
  • Stone massage: body massager
  • relief pain: Energy Stone Natural massager
  • gua sha massage tool: body care
  • natural stone needle: guasha massage for stone
  • home use devices: anti cellulite slimming
  • maderoterapia: presoterapia
  • back massage: back pain relief
  • massageador eletrico: body massager

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